RULES for racing

Participation:  skiers must participate in at least 3 races to be eligible for championship awards.

Championship Race:  double points awarded at final race.

Wax:  Keep it reasonable.  We suggest Non-Fluoro and Low-Fluoro wax.  

Seeding:  Race Directors discretion. 

wnc scoring and participation points

Skiers can choose any race distance, but to earn points based on finish placement you must ski the age/year of birth required distance, per placement point system below. If you ski other than the required distance, you will still earn 25 points for participation.

Required Distance to Earn Finish Placement Points (Skier’s Year of Birth):
U10 and Younger (2009-2012): 1.0 - 1.5 km
U12, U14 (2005-2008): 2.0 - 3.0 km
U16, U18, U20 (1999-2004): 5.0 - 6.0 km



Points are awarded based on the following schedule:

1st Place: 100 points

2nd Place: 85 points

3rd Place: 75 points

4th Place: 70 points

5th Place: 65 points

6th Place: 60 points

7th Place: 55 points

8th Place: 50 points

9th Place: 45 points

10th Place: 40 points

11th Place: 38 points

12th Place: 36 points

13th Place: 34 points

14th Place: 32 points

15th Place: 30 points

16th Place: 28 points

17th Place: 26 points

18th Place or Higher: 25 points